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jewerly collection

The inspiration behind our collections comes from the beauty within the mixture of different cultures, ancient architecture elements and interesting civilizations.

eshira collection


The mother of all. The Origin. Africa. Eshira is an African-inspired collection, absorbing Ena Iro’s rich heritage. Drawing inspiration from the Punu tribes, who are famous for the extremely delicate features of their masks... Expressing serenity and guidance. A design that retains the traditional appeal of the African aesthetic, with a contemporary spin.

genghis collection


The Genghis collection is largely inspired by the richness and intricate connections of the Silk Road. The Genghis realm reached from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea, from Siberia to what is now Afghanistan. In 1271, Kublai established the Yuan dynasty, which ruled over present-day Mongolia, China, Korea ad some adjacent areas. With so many inspirations, the Genghis collection represents power, elegance and a spirit of adventure.

torii collection


The Torii collection symbolizes the passageway from the mundane to the sacred world. It embraces the similarity with the Punu tribe’s delicate masks while embodying the richness and mystery of Japanese culture and aesthetics.

leizu collection


Leizu, also known as Xi Lingshi, was a legendary Chinese empress and wife of the Yellow Emperor. Tradition tells she was the one who discovered sericulture and invented the silk loom. The jewelry in this collection represents the organic and refined shapes of a silk garment. It invokes delicacy, purity, and grace.

Angkor collection


Vastly inspired by Angkor ruins, this collection is a passageway to a secret and breathtaking world. The temples of the Angkor area number over one thousand, ranging in scale through rice fields. The shape of the jewelry in this collection mirrors the amazing architecture of this place and the selection of stones reflects its magic atmosphere.