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about enairo

Our brand finds its design voice in the fusion of opposites: ethereal yet organic; simple yet sophisticated; noble and elegant.


artistic pursuit

Coming from a multicultural heritage, Ena has always been receptive to the beauty within the mixture of different cultures. While seeking for design references, she was particularly drawn to the many beautiful masks from the Punu tribe, in central Africa, and their similarity with the Japanese art and traditional hairstyles. This culture blend was the main source of inspiration when designing her first collectons.  A fusion of cultural opposites transpires in every aspect of her artistic pursuit.


The pieces, many of which are crafted by hand, feature intricate patterns and graceful yet dramatic designs. The development process takes months to accomplish, so each piece is uniquely crafted. 


Our work is motivated by finding similarities between ancient civilizations and architecture, and translating it through our designs with a contemporary approach.

the designer


“The desire for my work is to express my fascination with creating something of beauty from something very simple. I wanted to breathe new life into forgotten and ancient artifacts, and show nothing is ever lost, rather evolving into a new form, into a new light.”
- Ena Iro


Remaining captivated by ancient eras and civilizations, and keeping her African heritage as a guideline, she found her design voice in the fusion of opposites. Her aesthetic is ethereal yet organic, simple yet sophisticated, noble and elegant.